Videastream Codec

The Videastream codec is the result of years of basic and applied research into source coding theory.  It is based on  multi-scale coding, the same as JPEG2000, but unlike JPEG2000, is particularly well-suited to the compression of video, not just still images.

Our codec is implemented 100% in GPU software, which is required to accomplish the massive amount of parallel computation needed  so that the codec can operate in real-time on 4K60 10-bit video using the same inexpensive commodity off-the-shelf (COTS) GPUs used for video game rendering.

By decomposing video sequences  into micro-textures and optimally entropy coding those micro-textures, the codec is able to encode and decode a segment of video frames as a stream-of-textures that are composites of the micro-textures.  The stream-of-textures  can then be applied to any 3-D surface for rendering, including an ordinary planar projection onto a typical flat viewing screen.  Because video frames are treated as textures by the GPU, they can be used to create UI animations.

This texture compression approach also enables the compression of 3-D data (volumetric pixels or voxels), and the compression of spherical projections, such as found in 3-D or 360 video and gaming.  This is because our codec enjoys the  advantage, unlike  legacy MPEG methods, of not requiring the video frames to be divisible into rectangular blocks.   That is also why with the Videastream codec there are never any blocking artifacts, so common to legacy MPEG approaches.

The Videastream codec use cases span all uses for video compression because of its ability to perform optimal global rate-distortion optimization.  It can operate along a continuum from 100% lossless encoding to very low bit rates, while optimally allocating distortion across space-time in a video sequence.

The Videastream codec will be the basis for a new era in video processing, whether it be for video capture, live production LAN workflows, post-production workflows, WAN contributions, remote production connectivity or over-the-top delivery.